How To Request a Full File Disclosure


At any time you may request a free copy of your employment background check and all accompanying documentation, if any were previously prepared by Employment Screening Services, Inc. (ESS), of Spokane, Washington. ESS will only possess consumer information on persons whom it performed an employment background check. ESS only performs employment background checks for certified clients who have provided proper disclosures to, and received written authorization from, the subject of the report.


If you have been notified that ESS did a background check on you and you would like to know what information we have on file, you can obtain a copy of your consumer file three ways:


By Phone: - you can call our Consumer Hot Line at 1-800-473-7778 and request a "Full File Disclosure."


By Mail: - Please send us a request at 627 E Sprague Avenue, Suite 100, Spokane, WA  99202 Attn: Consumer Department. For identification purposes, please include the following: full legal name, SSN, DOB, address, phone number, email address, company to which you applied, application date. (or Click Here to fill out the form and mail it in)


By Fax: - Click Here to fill our our form, print it out and fax it to 1-866-384-5669.


By Electronic Form: Click Here to fill out the form online and submit it directly to us.


Once We Receive Your Form:

After verifying your identity, ESS will mail and/or email you a copy of your background check and any other documentation on file within five business days.


After you have reviewed your report and other information in your file, please contact ESS if you have any questions or if you would like to dispute any information. Disputed information will be investigated and should any changes be made to the report as a result, you will receive an updated copy, as will the employer if the report was ordered in the last two years.


Keep in mind, your background check is only available to the employer who, with your authorization, requested it. If another employer requests a background check on you through ESS, a new background check will be performed. ESS does not reuse information or share information with any other parties.

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